About us

CC is a collective platform of restaurant professionals devoted to the sole purpose of creating the most favourable business environment for our catering industry. As the voice of British Asian restaurants, we are dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of our unique industry partners and restaurant operators, providing valuable information and exclusive opportunities. Together, we help to improve business and achieve success. As a media platform with a massive audience in the UK, we continue to be the foremost resource for our industry.


Our mission is to be the most trusted and relevant business success resource for British Asian restaurants. The CC Action team and our partners would like to thank you for your support of this platform and industry. We are uniquely qualified and positioned to ensure that we represent your best interests at all levels, from community to government, to promote industry growth.

Our Objectives

The purpose of this platform is to bring business professionals within the catering industry together under one roof to:

  • » Address the catering crisis.
  • » Encourage growth and development
  • » Create a network
  • » Increase economic sustainability
  • » Tap into the power of technology
  • » Transform business goals into reality




Our Mission

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